Adipose Stem Cell Therapy: Fat Might Be Your Best Medicine

The doctors at NJ Pain Care Specialists are very excited about the possibilities offered by Adipose Stem Cell Therapy – a new way to harvest large amounts of stem cells from your own body for the repair and regeneration of various tissues and organs.

What Is Adipose Stem Cell Therapy?

This is a simple same-day procedure that removes a small amount of adipose “fat” tissue from your body. After the sample is sent to our in-office lab where it is purified and assessed for quality, literally tens of millions of your own newly activated stem and regenerative cells are administered back into your body and immediately begin working to treat your conditions. No stems cells are taken from the bone marrow, making Adipose Stem Cell Therapy easier, faster, safer, and less costly.

Why Are Adipose Stem Cells Preferable?

Adipose tissue – commonly referred to as “fat” – is the human body’s richest source of stem cells. Adult stem cells are found in several areas of the body, but Adipose-derived stem cells have, by far, the most healing potential. Whereas blood contains about 10,000 stem cells per treatment and bone marrow about 50,000, adipose “fat” tissue yields an incredible 10-60 million stem cells per treatment! And these are the highly desirable Mesenchymal Stem Cells that are capable of morphing into various cell types that repair the body.

How Are Adipose Stem Cells Obtained?

A small sample of Adipose fat tissue is removed from your “love handles” or abdomen area while you’re under a local anesthetic. It’s non-invasive, fast and safe.

What Are The Advantages of Adipose Stem Cell Therapy?

  • Easier: Adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells are easier to harvest than bone marrow and can be obtained in much larger quantities through a simple procedure
  • Faster: The entire process is completed in-office on the same day. No culturing or manipulation of the cells is needed, as opposed to certain bone marrow therapy, which can take days or weeks before enough cells are available to put back in your body
  • Safer: Patients receive their own cells, so there is a low risk of rejection or disease transmission; everything is done in-house under a physician’s control
  • Non-controversial: Using your own adult stem cells rather than embryonic stem cells poses no ethical or moral issues

Is Adipose Stem Cell Therapy Right For Me?

Discussing treatment options with a qualified physician NJ Pain Care Specialists is an important first step in making a decision regarding Adipose Stem Cell Therapy. If you’d like to know more about this and other advanced treatments available at NJ Pain Care Specialists, call us at 732-720-0247.

At the present time, Stem Cell Therapy is not covered by medical insurance.